It’s a New Year 🍾

Hey, peeps. SO long story short I have been so busy with college and my job here recently and just need to take some time to for myself and talk to God. During all of this, He has given me new challenges and goals to strive for in 2018. Here some are:


Growing in my relationship with Christ.

I am close with God, I truly believe I am. I want to learn and my goal with this is establishing a daily “quiet time” where I get all my distractions away and focus on Him and His word. Learning and growing in it.

I  want to do a group pray every day, whether it is with my whole family or just with my workers.

I want to be dedicated to my daily devotional and also a future project I have for myself based on my devotional y’all will be learning about very soon.


Family time.

This goal is major. I want to make time for my family. Call my grandparents more and talk to my mom. Go on sister dates and hang out with my little brother. Life gets so busy, and I want to learn how to slow down and enjoy the people around me.



I have goals every day for fitness, but here recently I have felt like God is calling me to help people with their own fitness goals. I have started an Instagram (@hannahdunaway_fit) to share my workouts and tips I use every day.

Take on yoga. I would love to learn all the ways of yoga and maybe become an instructor one day.. hahahhahha.

Drink more water and watch what I eat (even though I already do)



I love love love to write. I want to be more consistent with my posting.

Get back in my roots with more about God and sharing his word but also with the other things I am passionate about.

Leave a comment below what day y’all want me to post on!

These are just a few of my goals I have set for myself in 2018. I can not wait to see where this new year takes me and what God has in store for me!

Here’s a cute pic of my dad and me(: I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas and a happy New Year coming up!

xoxo, Han.💓

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