let’s pause and talk 

I’ve been on such a horrible writing block and honestly thought I would never find something to write about again. Thankfully, I have and it’s important. 

I read something a couple days ago that really opened my eyes and has slowly changed my outlook on my life. Am I living the life i’m supposed to or even how I should? Have I lost myself again in the evil ways of the world and lost sight on what I need to be watching? 

I read a passage that said how we need to pause and look what we have done to the way we view Jesus. We, as society, have turned Him into a man that’s just like us. 

A middle classed man, a simple American who has flaws. A Jesus who sees materialism as okay and would never ask us to change for him because why would we change for anyone else? A Jesus who is okay with nominal devotions that would never impact what we are comfortable with in our daily lives. Someone who is okay with the way we balance life and place him in the mix whether he’s on bottom or not. We created the view of Jesus with a classic American spin. A Jesus who is just like the person next to you. 

Although, Yes, Jesus does love us for who we are and he forgives us. We need to pause and stop seeing him as a equal to ourselves. He is beyond us and we are to live for Him and what He has planned for us not the other way around. We still need to praisHim and not ourselves and learn how to put God above all else again. 

Society has changed and mixed up the way we view things and it’s time to make a change. Stop going into the temptation that allows us to alter the way we view anything in our path and lose sight on what we should really be focusing on. 

So let’s pause and put God back on top, the way He should be. 

XOXO Han. 💗

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