a purpose. 10/2017

Tonight’s post is a little different, and this week will be a little different than my normal posting, but tonight’s rant hits my heart, and i just need to express that you’re loved. wanted. cared for and needed here. 
i am beyond heavy hearted… i lost a close friend of mine i have grown up with since forever to suicide this week. someone who was always happy and had the best advice, the kind of friend that would be there till the end. i never saw it coming. i just talked to you.. a day ago… and now you are gone… 

you. are. loved

nothing in this world over powers the love God has for you, and when you feel like there is nothing you can do but leave, call on Him and He will answer. He will protect you and love you. 

if you have read my past blogs, you would know i have suffered from a suicide in my family before, my cousin. still to this day i cry and miss her with everything i have and now i will cry and miss another. 

i can’t express it enough that you are loved and cared for. even when you feel alone and forgotten YOU ARE NEVER ALONE. God loves you, i love you, your family and friends… so many more. 

Psalm 34 18-19 says “the Lord is close to the broken hearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit. the righteous person may have troubles, but the Lord delivers them from all” 

He will help you through you worries and troubles, nothing is too big or bad for the Lord. please call on Him with you hurt and when you have anger, sadness and when you feel completely alone. 

you. are. wanted

i know it seems like i might be repeating myself and sure, i am, but this subject just hits me so close to home… God has a plan for you, YOU HAVE A PURPOSE HERE. ON EARTH. you are a reason to keep going. 

you. are. cared.  for. 

look around you, all the people. they care about you. your teachers, co workers, bosses.. the neighbor who waves at you everyday. your family. friends. dogs and cats. we care… you can talk to us, express your feelings and worries we are here to listen and to help. 

i’m going to end it here… i had to just express and rant tonight. I will continue on this subject and fulfill how loved you are. 

Rest in Peace, Friend. 

You are missed so much already. ❤️💙 10/2017 

Suicide Hotline # 24/7 


please feel free to contact me if you need to talk, i am here for you. 

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