– 12 Things –

Hey guys! Today I wanted to share 12 out of many ways you can help yourself feel your best and just be confident. You are beautiful and wonderful. I hope y’all had an amazing week this past week and thank y’all so much for reading💗 

1. Smile. You are so beautiful and loved and smiling just shows happiness and ugh just smile. 

2. Walk with your head held high. Even when you’re sad, you just have to be positive. 

3. Listen to yourself. If you think you look beautiful, then show yourself off. YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL. 

4. Go out with friends. Go have fun and live your life.

5. LAUGH. Yes, this is a lot like smiling but when I laugh my heart is just so joyful. 

6. Do what you love. Fashion? Gym? Shopping? Go out and do it. I constantly am at the gym because it brings me comfort and I feel my best knowing I had a good workout that day.

7. Stop. Comparing. Yourself. How many times do I have to say this. There is always someone who will be better or have something you don’t have, but that will never make you less beautiful. 

8. Be Happy. 🌞

9. Clear out your clutter. If you just constantly have a negative bubble around you then no you won’t feel your best or look your best. 

10. Surround yourself with people who make you feel loved and happy. My friends are my support system, along with my family. When I feel down I can talk to them and not feel judged. 

11. Walk with a purpose. Be confident and look confident. 

12. Remember who made you. You are loved and wanted. You are fearfully and wonderfully made. Psalm 139:14 


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