3 D A Y S 

3 days. 3 hours. 3 minutes. 3 seconds. It’s simple, took me forever to learn, but once I finally made this rule for myself…  my life took a turn. 

Being a girl is always said to be so difficult because girls can be so mean. 🤕 (yes guys can be mean too) Girls have drama and love to bring each other down.. when in reality we all are the same. We go through the same things and we all have feelings. So my question is: Why do we continue to hurt each other when we know what it has felt like to be on the other end? 

Growing up, especially through middle school and the beginning of high school I took gossip to the heart. The words I heard about me absolutely killed me each time, even when i knew they weren’t true. I wanted people to like me, not talk about me.  I would come home crying when I had bad days and my mom would always just say “why do you care so much about what others say?” Why did I care so much? Popularity? Reputation? Acceptance?? 

When I finally broke down and asked myself why I cared so much, I couldn’t come up with an answer. It was never truly hurting my life, sure I had bad days and often felt sad, but was I dying? Was I truly so hurt that it impacted how my life was gonna turn out and the plan God has in store for me? This is when I brought the 3-Rule into my life and it’s the best choice I’ve made


If it’s not going to impact you’re life in 3 days, why let it impact your life in the next 3 seconds or even the moment it was happening? 

Why ever let someone take your happiness away to try and make happiness for themselves by hurting you? 

After I took this in, I began to see the world and society so different. When things happened I thought before I reacted. I choose happiness. I didn’t care what was being said anymore because I know what is true and what is not and why does it matter?  I want you to choose happiness. Don’t let someone bring you down so they can raise up, instead brush it off. It’s not that big and you’re alive and breathing so be happy. 


*comment down below a time when you choose happiness and make sure you subscribe/via email* 

📸: faithragland 

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