Today’s post is going to be a little different, but with all that’s going on in today’s world I believe we need a little prayer. 

Praying is something so big and so so important in my life. It’s a way to express to God about difficult things in my life that I need a little extra help with or to have Him help someone around me a little more too. How often have you sat and prayed with someone though? Praying by yourself is different, still amazing and powerful, but have you prayed with someone? 

Praying is something so powerful so here are a few ways you can start: 

  • Set a time and place, meet with God everyday. If you think you don’t have time, you’re wrong. It take as little as 15 seconds to talk to God. 
  • Keep a prayer journal, write down your prayers of things you want to pray for. 
  • Use a devotional. These are amazing and I have several, they help you guide your reading and gives a prayer at the end. 
  • FIND A PARTNER. Someone you can trust and pray together. 
  • Don’t give up. God wants you to talk to Him, and He listens… even if it’s been awhile give Him a call. He will be right there. 

A hard thing for me is that sometimes I tend to pray for selfish things, or ask God for too much and then I don’t get it… he doesn’t give it to me. Remember that God still has a plan, and the thing you are praying for might not be set in your life. Understand that you might not know this now.. but you will understand later. ❤️

Talk to Him about anything, if you’re sad ask Him for comfort. If you’re happy, thank Him for what He is doing. Need some help, He will be there. God will listen to anything you have to say, so talk away. 

To wrap this up, know that even if it’s been years since you’ve talked to God, just talk to Him as if he was sitting right next to you. You’d be amazed at what might happen. 

A few things to pray for in today’s society: 

  • Houston 
  • Florida 



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