Leg Day 1

This is my all out (second) favorite day. I love working all parts of my leg.. quads, hams, and the 🍑. 

I do leg day 3 days out of the week, make sure you choose a good schedule so you can allow yourself a rest day. You should always have a rest day so your muscles can heal up and not be over worked. Over worked muscles will NOT GROW so DO NOT do leg day everyday, or arm day etc. 

Let’s make this post short and simple, I know you’re ready for the work out. 😜

I love Tri-sets… as you all know so what do I have this week…. A TRI-SET!! 


Yes, these are simple workouts but you will feel the burn!!!!!

1. Squats: If you are trying to be big do heavy weight as many reps as you can. If you want to tone up do light weight at 12-15 reps. Make sure your knees are not going over your toes (: 

2. Lunges: 12-15 lunges per leg. Rules are still the same as above and make sure your knees are not going over your toes because this will hurt your knees and can cause problems!! You can hold dumbells on each side of even use a bar. Whichever is easiest for you, but try to do a good weight, remember that’s how they grow! 

3. Jump Squat: 15-20 jump squats. These require no weight but make sure you are going as low as you can, and squeezing when you reach the too of the jump. 

Repeat each workout 3-4 times…. You are gonna feel the BURN🔥.
I have been sick this past week and on some medication that makes me bloat and I don’t know about y’all but that makes me go harder in the gym. I’ve been feeling so much better so I finally got the energy to write a fitness post(: I hope y’all enjoy and comment down below what area you wanna workout next! 

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