Week 4/4: Simply You. 

It’s crazy to me that in life, when I was younger, I always wanted to be like someone around me. Of course every little girl wanted to be a princess or their favorite character on a movie. That’s totally normal, I loved pretending I was someone else. 

When I got older, I still pretended I was someone else.. this time it was a lot different. I wanted to be the girl in my math class who had every single pair of jeans you could ever want. I wanted to be pretty enough and get noticed. I wanted people to like me, even if they didn’t like me. If I had to be fake, wear certain products and clothes for people to like me, then you’re dang right.. I went and bought those, wore them. It amazes me that this is what every girl thought and talked about. Even about celebrities, we wanted to look like them and do what they did at such a young age. I don’t remember a time before I accepted myself that I ever said “Hannah, you are beautiful in your own way, just like ______ (whoever I thought was pretty) “, and that makes me so sick. Why didn’t I think I was pretty?

I wasn’t caring for myself and I didn’t even realize what I was doing. These past four weeks I’ve talked about everything from finding yourself and accepting that to ways to be more confident after accepting you. People might ask me why I talk and write so much about self love and the only thing I can tell them is “Look at you. Simply just look at you. You’re a masterpiece made by God who makes no mistakes. You are loved so much that he sent his OWN SON to die for you. How could you not want to talk about self love and how unique you are” 

You are so important and loved. 
You are so beautiful and smart. 

You are so kind and wonderful. 

You are simply you, and I want you to love that. Every detail on your face to that freckle on your arm. It was placed there, in that exact spot on purpose. Gosh, I could just rant on and on about it. Self love to me, is extremely important. If you don’t love yourself, how are you ever gonna love another? How are you gonna show someone that you like the way you are, you like no makeup or glam everyday? By loving yourself and showing people that you are simply you. 

You are one of a kind, and so is the person next to you. We are all made equal and we are all beautiful and smart. We need to learn that it’s okay to feel pretty or handsome. We need to teach and support each other instead of tearing each other down because God did not intend for so much hate. 

Mark 12:31 says “love your neighbor as you love yourself”

I know this week was more of a rant week, but it’s something important to me. Something I want everyone to read because you are loved and you are wanted. You are beautiful and handsome. 

God made you. You are his masterpiece. 


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