Week 2/4: Ways to Accept/Self Love 

I am so beyond sorry I am a day late, I had an awful day yesterday and some family stuff going on, but here is week 2. I hope y’all enjoy ❤️

My mom always told me when I was younger; “It’s not what’s on the outside, it’s what on the inside” That never truly clicked with me until I got old enough to understand the whole saying. My body is not what makes me beautiful, being truly kind and showing that I love who I am makes me beautiful. My confidence in myself makes me beautiful.

I know it’s hard to love yourself, all of you, every single flaw… granted I still to this day don’t fully 100% love myself. Nobody does and I believe that nobody will, it’s just human nature, but there are ways to love and accept yourself.

10 Ways to Love You and Accept You:

1. Tell yourself you’re beautiful.

You are so so loved and all of those flaws are what make you… you. Believe that they were placed there for a reason.

2. Point out what you love, rather than what you hate.

Stand in the mirror every morning and and tell yourself what you love. “You have an amazing smile” “My skin is so pretty today” “I look beautiful today”

3. Smile.

Just smile. You will feel a difference.

4. Find your uniqueness

What about you makes you different and special? Is it your hair, smile, personality. Find what makes you, you and LOVE IT.

5. Pray.

Ephesians 2:19-22 says “Whenever you feel unloved or unimportant… insecure or not pretty.. remember to whom you belong to.”

Ask God for some confidence, tell Him how you feel and He will fulfill you.


Whatever you do, do not compare yourself to another. There will always be someone prettier or more fit, smarter or more athletic than you. AND THAT IS OKAY.

7.  Show yourself off

You deserve to be showen off, take those selfies and love you.

8. Go out!!

Go have fun with friends, whether it’s just a run to the store, dress up and feel pretty and go out! Have fun, and always smile.


Being active helps you. Clearing your skin and sweating out all those toxins will make your skin clear and beautiful. Also you will be in shape.

10. Look at the sunset, and realize it is beautiful. Now look at yourself.. you’re beautiful too.

Psalm 62:5 says “my soul finds rest in God alone because my confidence comes from him.” 

You are one of a kind and so so loved.

XOXO Han 💗

Week 3: Your Mind. nxt Saturday.

I will be giving away these adorable notebooks in the post. Please like this post, leave a comment with a way to reach you 💗 GOODLUCK!

One thought on “Week 2/4: Ways to Accept/Self Love 

  1. I read your blogs all the time!!!¡!¡!¡ I think you’re really cool! I currently reside in Dubai, so if I win the giveaway it might be a hassle to get my prize to me!! But thank you for being so amazing!!! ❤


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