Week 1/4: Acceptance 

Do you accept you? Do you understand who you are and what you can accomplish in life? I guess the most important question would be, do people truly accept themselves or do they accept the person society made them? Society and the people around you have a way of changing you. Magazines, Social Media, Tv, they all make you look at yourself different, so ask yourself the question, Do you accept you or the society you? 

The world today is all technology, we are constantly on our phones. We watch shows like “Keeping up with the Kardashians” and see their perfect, society must have bodies. Then look at ourselves and wonder why we don’t look like that. Am I accepted with the body I have or am I being looked down on? 

Music is what keeps me moving, I constantly listen to music. Although my favorite is country music, I tend to listen to some other genres too. Slim thick, flat stomach, must be thick but can’t be fat. Those are just a few of the several sayings about women in songs. I’m not bashing any music, I listen to it, but are young girls hearing it and wondering if that’s what they MUST look like to get the boys, or to be liked? 

That’s what society seems to have taught us, if you’re not a girl with a media body, perfect flawless skin and can look good with makeup and even better without it then you don’t meet the standards of media…

 You are beautiful.

For the longest time I truly thought I wasn’t pretty enough or that I didn’t have a good enough body. I was always told “you don’t have a butt” or “you don’t have boobs, why wear a bra??”  I didn’t understand that I didn’t need either of those things, I was young, it always hurt me, it made my self esteem drop low. I felt ugly. 

I’ve grown and I’ve matured, the same people who once laughed at me for not having a butt/boobs can no longer laugh at me. They are now jealous because I accept myself for what I look like, I am beautiful because I am fearfully and wonderful made. 

Love yourself for who you are and what you look like. You do not need to match society and be someone you’re not. You don’t need to wear makeup and watch what you eat to be pretty. If you wanna wear makeup, wear it, you look amazing.. and if you don’t, then don’t.. YOU LOOK AMAZING.  Accept you, for you. That goes for anything you love to do. Do what makes you happy and what makes you feel beautiful, nobody’s opinion matters.

{outfit: GypsyPearl } 

>>> You are one of a kind. <<<

XOXO, Han💗

Week 2: Ways to Accept/ Love Yourself. next saturday 08/12 

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9 thoughts on “Week 1/4: Acceptance 

  1. Wonderful! I think I was following you for a while but I forgot when and what post of yours made me click follow 😅
    But I LOVE this! I never get tired of reading personal stories of acceptance and your idea of a real you or society you made me think 😄 Also, love that shorts! (Or is that shorts? I may be wrong hahaha 😅)

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    1. Hey girl! Thank you so much, i absolutely love sharing my story of finding yourself and just loving you!!! and yes it’s a skort i guess! 😂😂it’s a long skirt with shorts!!! You can get them at the link i placed under (that’s where i work 😋😋)

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